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Good day friends, followers, and potential customers! 
I am Miss Myzaree ( Miss_Myzaree on Instagram), a purveyor of kawaii, kink and the macabre. I am a thirty one year old neko girl enthusiast who moved from the Midwest to the West Coast to follow my aspirations and dreams in 2012. Help me to continue to create and grow on my journey by coming on this adventure with me. I am my own original character or OC and you can often see me in illustration form as the mascot for both of my shops most notably Dark Delights Shop which I debuted January 1st 2018. You will find my likeness not only in my logo, but also a handful of products like enamel pins and stickers. I also dabble in a family friendly resin, deco sweets and cosplay shop called Dem Delights. October 2020 I ventured out with on demand printing to make more apparel available to people who adore my delightful design.
You can reach me anytime at darkdelightsshop@outlook.com
About Dark Delights:

Do you ever wonder what gifts to buy for your submissive?

Or you're tired of buying the same ol' adult bloomers and pacifiers for your little on special occasions?

Or maybe you're invited to a special performance and you adore the rope instructor? And don't you just love rope bondage?

Well, if you're having trouble looking for the perfect gift for the deviant in your life you're at the right place.

Dark Delights serves a drool worthy menu of kink related merchandise ball gag not required!

When you see your kinky and kawaii purr-chase, your heart will melt with deviant delight! 

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