Fundraiser for Smokey the Cat

Dark Delights offers a variety of products for the anime, kemonomimi, and petplay community.

All of my products are curated to entice and delight. Treat yourself to acrylic and enamel pins, button badges, stickers, magnets, adult oneses, apparel, ita bags, and totes to fill your life with the kinky and kawaii!

Collection list

Shops Mews

1 product

Eevee Inspired Chibis

50 products

Kawaii Hard Enamel Pins

30 products

Shibari Scout Series

32 products

Lewd Enamel Pins

50 products

Hard Enamel Pins

50 products

Collection list

Acrylic Pins

10 products

Button Badges

21 products


50 products


18 products

Lucky Bags

5 products


7 products

Totes and Bags

4 products


9 products


5 products

Shop Prints

2 products

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