"KickStart" Pre-Order No Howls Given Hard Enamel Pin

"KickStart" Pre-Order No Howls Given Hard Enamel Pin

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This delightful hard enamel pin depicts a wolf girl with an attitude. 

This purr-chase listing is for those of you who want to hit the ground running. You've seen the reference art and can not wait for the designers to assign the pre-production artwork. So you're throwing caution to the wind and snagging this little sweetie at the best price possible.

You will receive 1 wolf girl, (most likely b grade unless large quantities of a grade pins arrive) available to you at the same price I sell "seconds" $8. You will also receive 1 free gift with your purr-chase. 

Arrival time is currently tba. This product is not going to be put into production until it is fully funded or I find there is enough interest.  

Each pin stands at 1.75 inches.

Each pin features posts with a butterfly clutch backing.

A grade - no real visible flaws.

B grade - small flaws like over buffed metal fill or low enamel fill.

Designed by Miss Myzaree. Drawn by Tessa. 

Did you know when you support my shop you're not only supporting a small business but 10% of every purr-chase is donated to charity. This includes pre-orders! Not only are you getting a great steal but you are also contributing to a brighter better future.