"KickStart" Pre-Order Espeon Hard Enamel Pin


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"KickStart" Pre-Order Espeon  Hard Enamel Pin

Please read this fully before ordering.

This purr-chase listing is for those of you who want to hit the ground running. You've seen the reference art and can not wait for the designers to assign the pre-production artwork. So you're throwing caution to the wind and snagging this little sweetie at the best price possible. This pin will not be sent in to the manufacturer until either the project is fully funded, or I feel enough interest has been generated. 

You will receive 1 Espeon chibi, (most likely b grade unless large quantities of a grade pins arrive) available to you at the same price I sell "seconds" $8. 

As always by supporting a "kick start" project your order will contain a free gift.

Arrival time is currently TBA. 

Each pin stands at 1.75 inches.

Each pin features posts with a butter clutch backing.

A grade - no real visible flaws.

B grade - small flaws like over buffed metal fill or low enamel fill.

Drawn by Astarotte for Dark Delights Shop. 

Did you know when you support my shop you're not only supporting a small business but 10% of every purr-chase is donated to charity. This includes pre-orders! Not only are you getting a great steal but you are also contributing to a brighter better future. 

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